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Natural Resources Group, Inc. is a full-service real estate firm specializing in the sale and purchase of timberland. We serve our clients in one of two ways:

Seller's Broker
We act as your agent and represent your interests in finding a buyer for your property. (Please see our disclosures below for complete details.)

Buyer's Broker
We are often asked by buyers to represent their interests and find timberland for them to purchase. Our experience in forest management, timber markets, and real estate allows us to locate land that fits your needs, and negotiate a fair purchase price. We actively search for property for sale that we think represents reasonable value, and keep these properties in our databank. (see "Why Use a Buyer's Broker?")

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View details for JCM01east
JCM01east  Hog Hollow Tract COLBERTAL
161 acres   $1,415/acre   $227,815.00 New Listing
Hunting / Timber / Creek

View details for JCM01west
JCM01west  Hog Hollow Tract COLBERTAL
154 acres   $1,490/acre   $229,460.00 New Listing
Hunting / Timber / Creek

View details for NRG104
NRG104  Point Road 700 COLBERTAL
700 acres   $1,539/acre   $1,077,000.00 Pending
700 acres of professionally managed hunting land / Established Food Plot / Timber / Access to thousands of acres of AL Wildlife Mgmt Area

View details for KTP02
120 acres   $3,333/acre   $400,000.00  
Duck Hunting - Charming Home with +/- 1 acre fishing lake - Barn

View details for SVK01
160 acres   $1,456/acre   $233,000.00 Pending
Manufactured Home / Barn / Tractor Shed / Tractor / Trailer / Creek / Hunting / Timber

EH02  Summerhouse Mountain LAWRENCEAL
33 acres   $1,795/acre   $59,235.00
Hunting Land / Potential Homesite / Timber

MAR01  Dugans Ranch MARSHALLAL
1134 acres   $1,700/acre   $1,927,800.00
Hunting Land / Timber / Potential Homesite

View details for VPS01
51.36 acres   $4,712/acre   $242,000.00
Pastureland / Timber

104 acres   $1,525/acre   $158,600.00 Price Reduced
Hunting Land / Potential Homesite / Creek

197 acres   $1,228/acre   $241,916.00 Price Reduced
Hunting Land / Timber / Creek / Potential Homesites

View details for SRT206
SRT206  Hickory Flat BENTONMS
100 acres   $2,200/acre   $220,000.00 New Listing
Potential Homesites / Creek / Timber / Hunting / Adjacent to Holly Springs National Forest

View details for BRR01
BRR01  Gilmer's Chapel ITAWAMBAMS
218 acres   $1,395/acre   $304,110.00
Timber Investment / Hunting Land

View details for TAP05a
55.639 acres   $1,725/acre   $95,977.26 New Listing
Homesite / Lake / Hunting / Timber

BMP01  Hopkins Cemetery TIPPAHMS
795.96 acres   $1,129/acre   $899,000.00 Price Reduced
Recreation / Investment land adjacent to Holly Springs National Forest

View details for DMS01
68.2 acres   $1,200/acre   $81,840.00 Price Reduced
Hunting land / Lake / Potential Homesite

View details for ENN01
ENN01  Preacher Drive HARDINTN
19.87 acres   $1,510/acre   $30,000.00 Price Reduced
Hunting Land / Potential Homesite / Timber / Close to Pickwick Lake

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